One-Stop Professional Services For Intellectual Property

Practice Area

Patent application for local and international clients:

Invention Patent

Utility Patent

Design Patent

PCT application

Invention and Utility Patent Prosecution Highway (approx. 4 months),

Patent invalidation,

Patent assignment, alternation and licensing,

Legal consultation on patent litigation and analysis.

Trademark research, registration, renewal, assignment, recordation of contracts for registered trademarks, and trademark review and adjudication,

Legal consultation on trademark,

Registration for custom protection of trademark legal rights.

Registration, alternation, assignment, and licensing of computer software copyrights,

Strategic planning and analysis of copyright protection.

practice area

Patent ownership disputes, patent infringement, trademark infringement, trade secret infringement, unfair competition, copyright infringement, anti-dumping and other intellectual property litigation, arbitration and mediation cases;

Acting for IPR infringement monitoring, conducting infringement investigation and evidence collection, and acting as an agent for administrative investigation and handling of infringement claims.

Cooperate with the company’s capital operation, design trademarks, patents and other related intangible assets for price, share transfer, licensing schemes, and conduct intangible assets assessment. Participate in the negotiation, drafting, reviewing and revision of various intellectual property-related joint venture agreements, contracts, articles of association, shareholder agreements and special intellectual property license agreements.

Relying on our professional team of technology, market, law and intellectual property, when investing in M&A projects (especially high-tech projects), we will conduct ownership investigation and risk on intellectual property rights such as core patents/trademarks/copyrights owned by the intended investment. Analysis and value assessment provide decision support for project investment and assist investors to dock investment resources.