Focus On Intellectual Property Over 25 years

Company profile

Ding and Associates Patent Trademark & Law founded in 1995, was the first patent agency in Shanghai Pudong that is officially authorized by the government of People’s Republic of China for practicing foreign related patent affairs. The affiliated Ding & Associates Law Firm which is officially authorized by both the Ministry of Justice of the People’s Republic of China and Shanghai Bureau of Justice.

Our firm has a team of nearly 50 staffs which composed of patent agents with various technical backgrounds in mechanics, electronics, chemistry, biology etc., patent engineers, trademark agents and a translation team proficient in foreign languages such as English, Japanese etc., providing superior all rounded legal and IP services to our clients. 

Our headquarter is located in the Zhangjiang High Technology Park in Shanghai Pudong. We have built a strong cooperation relationship with local intellectual property committees and various other associations, and from time to time we held and provide series lectures on intellectual property knowledge to business, research institutes and higher education institutions, in which we received widely recognized from our clients. 

We have served over 2000 national and international clients  in patent prosecution to patent protection, in which we maintained a long term good relationship with our clients. Our firm was the volunteered intellectual property services provider in  Shanghai International Expo 2010, and we have honoured to be the Aadvanced Firm by Shanghai Pudong Intellectual Property Committee, also we have granted special fund from Shanghai Pudong Intellectual Property Association.  

Our Advantage

 Professional team 

Our firm has the capacity of providing superior services to our clients with an IP team composed of professional patent attorneys with strong technical backgrounds of mechanics, electronics, chemistry, biology etc., and two third of our attorneys also attained the certificate to practice legal laws, which contracts a inter-disciplinary talented team. Our talented team provides the best strategic solutions to best our clients interests, as well as advices our clients to avoid unnecessary risks. Our inter-disciplinary team play an important role in helping our clients through invalidation and ligation successfully. 

Effective communication with the Patent Administration

Our firm believes the close communication with patent examiners is important in resolving outstanding issues, hence, we established a long term communication network with patent examiners in the Administration. And we held numerous workshops with examiners from National Intellectual Property Administration since 2005. In addition, our firm maintain close relationship with officers in European Patent Office and the U.S. Patent Office, whom we invited delivering numerous lectures from time to time. 

Standard process management

Since its founding, our firm has accumulated extensive experiences by representing over 30,000 patent applications, with invention patents takes up to 2/3 of all. We employ a three-examination process in drafting patent applications (i.e. attorney examination – manager re-examination – client’s final examination). Our firm takes both paper and electronic files as docketing management into practice, and we also employ professional software to monitor the process of all applications, to ensure we are up to date with the patent status which lead to effective communication with our clients.