Protecting Intellectual Property Rights and Escorting Corporate Innovation

Company news

On June 14, 2019, the national "core fire" dual-creation platform (Zhangjiang) base (hereinafter referred to as "core fire Zhangjiang base") officially started operations. Shanghai Puyi Intellectual Property Co., Ltd., as the first batch of base service enterprises, was the only intellectual property agency and participated in the signing ceremony.

Subsidy policy

2019 Pudong New Area Intellectual Property Funding Fund Filing Guide:

1. If a foreign invention patent is authorized, a one-time reward of 100,000 yuan each;

2. After obtaining the authorization for the Chinese invention patent, give a one-time reward of 4,000 yuan each.                                                   


Patent trademark application

Application for patent and integrated circuit layout design

Trademark registration and trademark inquiry

Filing and supplement of trademark license contract

Query and registration of computer software

Copyright registration

Intellectual property legal services

Patent ownership dispute, patent infringement, trademark infringement

Trade secret infringement, unfair competition, copyright infringement

Anti dumping and other litigation, arbitration and mediation cases

Intangible assets evaluation and professional investigation

Anti counterfeiting

Industry sector

Electronic semiconductor

Telecommunications (wireless and wireline communication technologies), microwave and antenna technologies, optical communications and signal processing, semiconductor processes and packaging, memory, sensors, optoelectronics, applied optics, etc.


Biochemical products and methods, microbiology, genomics, genetic engineering, vaccines, antibody engineering, stem cells, medical diagnostics and therapeutic methods, animal health, agricultural science, plant variety protection, and medical devices.  

Internet and artificial intelligence

Computer architecture, software applications, artificial intelligence, network and cloud computing, image processing, medical instruments, medical imaging, health information management, etc.  

Machinery Automation

Agricultural machinery and apparatus; food processing equipment; garment processing equipment; medical equipment; vibration generation and transmission technology; cleaning equipment; elevator technology; machine tools; plastic processing technology; automobiles; rail vehicles; aircraft; transportation and storage equipment; ; combustion equipment; measurement technology; industrial control technology.